Artisan/Farmstead Cheesemaker Food Safety Training

Program Goal: There is growth in farmstead and artisan cheese production and consumption, coupled with recent regional and national recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks. This has led to concern that these products represent an emerging, previously unrecognized vehicle of food borne hazards. The food safety risks associated with these products is often attributed to the fact that many of these enterprises are small to very small establishments, lacking the resources, capital, and technical expertise to implement robust food safety programs. There is a critical need for focus on assuring the safety of artisan cheeses through research and training.

Learning Objective: To educate the public about artisan cheese making and learning about the safety and practice behind it.

Program Components: Demonstration; Webinar; Workshop

Program Participants: Businesses; General Public/Community/Family; Government Agencies; Schools and Colleges

When: Varies


Program Contact

Dennis D'Amico