Connecticut NEMO Program

Program Goal: NEMO (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials) provides information, education, and assistance to local land use officials and other community groups on how they can accommodate growth while protecting their natural resources and community character. The Connecticut NEMO Program educates local land use decision makers about the links between land use and natural resource protection, with an emphasis on water resources. NEMO conducts workshops for local officials on a wide range of topics related to land use planning and natural resource protection.

Learning Objective: To educate local land use officials on the water sources and making connections between land use and natural resource protection.

Program Components: Workshops can be scheduled on the following topics, ranging from residential rain garden training, linking land use to water quality, planning for stormwater, managing stormwater in urban areas and many more.

Program Participants: Town and Municipal Employees, land use officials, community groups, residents

When: Year-round, on demand


Program Contact

Mike Dietz