Connecticut Trail Census

Program Goal: The Connecticut Trail Census is a statewide volunteer data collection program instended to inform a better understanding of multi-use trail use in the state of Connecticut and to make this important information available to trail user groups, administrators, government agencies and the general public. The project involves data collection on multi-use (bicycle and pedestrian) trail sites throughout Connecticut through infared counters and intercept surveys. The 2017-2018 pilot project is funded by a Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Recreational Trails Grant.

Learning Objective: Trainings are scheduled annually for trail coordinators and volunteers regarding infared counter calibration and maintenance, data collection practices, and analysis of collected trail data

Program Components: Demonstration; Teaching, Webinars

Program Participants: Community and Trail Volunteers

When: Annually throught the year, Intercept data is collected in May and September


Program Contact

Laura Brown