Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

Program Goal: The UConn Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program in the Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture and UConn Extension integrates the application of multiple tactics in a variety of settings through the selection of appropriate tools and the education of members of the Connecticut agricultural industry and state citizens to provide sustainable, science-based approaches for the management of plant pests. Program objectives include maintaining the economic viability of agricultural and green industry businesses, enhancing and conserving environmental quality and natural resources, educating participants on the effective use of biological control agents, and educating pesticide users about the safe use and handling of pesticide products. Program areas include: fruit, greenhouse, invasive species, curriculum, nursery, school, turf and landscape, and vegetables.

Learning Objective: To provide a program that teaches the importance of pest management, and how it integrates related to different program areas in plant science.

Program Components: Demonstration; Presentation; Teaching; Training Session; Webinar; Workshop, Individualized Training

Program Participants: Businesses; General Public/Community/Family; Government Agencies; Schools and Colleges; Youth

When: Varies


Program Contact

Donna Ellis