Seafood Safety Training for Processors

Program Goal: These certification courses meet the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) training requirements in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles and methodologies for seafood processors, as defined by FDA. Methods include lecture, question and answer, and practical, hands-on group work, following training curriculum developed by the national Seafood HACCP Alliance. Courses held primarily in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and the Association of Food and Drug Officials issue training certificates.

Learning Objective: To educate seafood producers about the importance and principles of safety in the seafood industry.

Program Components: Through 73 courses offered in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts since 1997, over 1,020 seafood processors, importers, and dealers received the required training in the application of HACCP principles to seafood processing, enabling them to remain in business (including 100 CT firms with gross annual income ranging from less than $100K to more than $10M).

Program Participants: Businesses; Government Agencies; Youth

When: Varies


Program Contact

Nancy Balcom