Welcome to the Real World, Connecticut Edition

Program Goal: The need for increased financial knowledge among youth and young adults is well documented. With challenging economic situations at local, state, and national levels, there is stronger interest than ever before to help young people become financially capable. Student loan debt has risen to unprecedented levels. This learning simulation provides college and high school students with the opportunity to experience their potential financial futures as young adults entering their chosen professions and living financially independently. Various aspects of personal finance are made real through this workshop as the students make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those employed adults face on a daily basis.

Learning Objective: To provide high school and college students the experience of their potential financial futures with their given profession, and how their salary will affect them in the future.

Program Components: Workshop

Program Participants: General Public/Community/Family; Schools and Colleges; Youth

When: On Demand

Website: http://extension.uconn.edu/extension-centers/newHaven.php

Program Contact

Faye Griffiths-Smith