Youth Gardening/Junior Master Gardener Program

Program Goal: Engaging youth in horticultural and environmental activities is demonstrably effective in improving overall physical and emotional wellbeing. The program is designed to engage children in horticultural and environmental activities that are tied to the state Common Core, allowing their use in formal educational settings as well as in extracurricular settings.

Learning Objective: To engage children in horticultural activities, while connecting the activities to the Common Core.

Program Components: Training sessions are offered for teachers and adult leaders. There are also 4 weeklong camp sessions for school-age children throughout the year concentrating on food production and sources and environmental activities/awareness. In-school and after-school programs tie activities to the Connecticut Common Core.

Program Participants: General Public/Community/Family; Schools and Colleges; Youth

When: Annually, 4 weeklong camps, on demand.

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Program Contact

Sarah Bailey