CAHNR Website requirements

All CAHNR websites should meet the following requirements. In cases of demonstrable need (e.g., using a casual tone on a site intended for K-12 students), there is reasonable flexibility.

  1. Branding. Header/footer exactly match UConn branding requirements. Top title is "CAHNR Extension" for extension sites and "College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources" for other sites.
  2. Mobile optimization. Content does not run off the device’s screen horizontally or require "zoom" feature. Interface does not require mouseover or right click.
  3. Professional appearance. There are no animated graphics or cartoons. Language has a professional tone. Broken links are corrected regularly.
  4. Editorial standards. Textual content conforms to the University’s editorial guidelines. NB: It is UConn, not UCONN.
  5. Accessibility. All images have meaningful alt text. Avoids Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and content that over-relies on graphics. Header tags (e.g. H1, H2) are used to define the structure of the page. Linked text is meaningful (i.e., avoid "click here" as a link text).
  6. Accountability. At least one designated webmaster provides regular maintenance. Administrative or technical contact information is provided on the website. A member of the CAHNR Office of Communications or CAHNR Office of Information Technology has the ability to access the website's files.
  7. The URL complies with the CAHNR URL policy.
  8. Curated content. Websites that accept user-generated content (e.g., comment systems, photo uploads) have a policy for preventing and removing offensive or copyright-infringing content.

These requirements were approved by CAHNR Interim Dean Cameron Faustman on May 4, 2017. They are subject to review and change as appropriate. For more information on these requirements and how to meet them, contact the CAHNR Office of Communications.