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As Connecticut's land-grant institution, we have a federally charged responsibility to educate the next generation of students in the classroom as well as in fundamental and translational research.  Each year the Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station (SAES) recevies approximately $1.4 milllion in capacity funding from the USDA.  Approximately 65% of the funding is used to support graduate research in the broad field of agricultural sciences, forestry and animal health through research associatd with USDA-approved capacity projects.

Graduate Student research highlights:

In the world of immunology, the gut is garnering new respect. Cayla Rodia, a doctoral student in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, is fascinated with the intestine’s involvement with the immune system. “I love the intestine and I really think it is the most underrated organ,” Rodia says. “People used to think it was simply for digestion, but we’re learning it has so many interconnected abilities. Seventy percent of the immune system is in the gut.” Full Story


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