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Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station

Instructions to Join a Multistate Project

  1. Complete an Application Cover Page
  2. Prepare a brief, approximately 3 page addendum.  See below instructions.
  3. Submit to Lynn Grabowski, (  Experiment Station, Unit 4010 
  4. Prepare Appendix E for each participant.  Research Commitments definitions are attached.  See below Appendix E instructions.

To View the Multistate Project:

  1. Go to the National Information Management Support System.
  2. Insert your login and password. (If you don't have a login ID, you'll need to register, also at the URL above.)
  3. In the Top Menu, Select Project -> Select View Projects
  4. To see one project, select Search for Project and enter the project number.  To see all projects Select National MRF Portfolio.

To Create an Appendix E:

  1. Go to the National Information Management Support System.
  2. Insert your login and password. (If you don't have a login, you'll need to register, also at the above URL.)
  3. In the Top Menu, Select Participants -> Select Draft/Edit
  4. On the Left side Menu, Select "Draft New"
  5. Select the project number
  6. Fill out the form.
  7. Click on Submit.

Please contact the Administrative Adviser if you have questions about the proposed project. Contact Lynn Grabowski ( , phone 486-0179, if you have questions about the use of NIMSS.

Research Commitments – Definitions

Definition Of Scientist Year (Sy), Professional Year (Py) And Technical Year (Ty)

Scientist Year (SY) - This is the portion of time for scientists (Assistant Professor, Assistant Scientist, and above) who are responsible for creative scientific study, thought, originality, judgments, and accomplishments directly assignable to the activity reported.

Professional Year (PY) - This is the portion of time for persons who hold positions in professional categories and who are assigned to research activities of the project. Such professionals usually hold a bachelors and/or masters degree(s). Graduate students, by virtue of their degree and acceptance in graduate school, may be categorized as "professionals."  1/2 GA = .25

Technical Year (TY) - This is the portion of time for technicians, aids, and laboratory assistants assigned in support of a project or an activity.

Format For Addendum To Multistate Research Project
(please number cover page as page 1)

Addendum To (Project #) Multistate Project Covering Research At University Of Connecticut (Department)

Title: Identical to regional project.

Objectives: Identical to regional project.  Include only those objectives to be undertaken by the Storrs station.

Project Leaders: List all principal investigators showing the area of specialization.

Procedures: The working plans and methods to be used by the participant in attaining each of the stated objectives.  A procedure statement should include the state’s interdependent contribution with at least one other state for each objective and should relate to the procedures described in the regional project outline.

News and Events


Graduate Student Reseach Forum

Save the date: Satuday, March 25th

9am - 3pm Oak Hall

More details here



Grant Announcements:


New grant awards

October-December 2016

SPS full list

Agricultural and Resource Economics:

Tatiana Andreyevea, $14,832. Updating the Rudd Tax Calculator, Healthy Food America


Animal Science:

Mary Anne Amalaradjou, $179,826  Understanding Nutrition Through Biomics, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research

Mary Anne Amalaradjou $95,013, Listeria Monocytogenes Growth and Survival on Peaches and Nectarines as influenced by Stone Fruit Operations. USDA/NIFA

Dennis D'Amico, $19,788, Determining the Efficacy of Commercial Protective Cultures for the Control of Salmonella and Shiga-Toxin Producing Escherichia Coli in Raw Mike for Cheesemaking, Walker (George) Mile Research Fund



Chet Arnold, $144,138,  Water and Sustainability: Education Curriculum using Online Mapping Tools to Support Teaching and Student Learning, USDA/NIFA

David Dickson, $28,000, Nitrogen Outreach Along the Connecticut Coast, EPA/Long Island Sound Office/ CT DEEP

Tessa L. Getchis, $7,573, Sea Grant Aquaculture Research Program, DOC/NOAA/Oceanic and Atmospheric Research/UNH



Douglas Casa, $22,039, Relationship Between Classical Magnet School and University of CT, Hartford Public Schools.

Douglas Casa, $24,999, Relationship SMSA and University of CT, Hartford Public Schools. 

Douglas Casa, $7,573, POLAR  Team Pro Validation and Comparison,   Polar Electro

Natural Resources and the Environment:

Beth A. Lawrence, $85,786, Increasing Biodiversity and Habitat Complexity in Invaded Wetlands., EPA/Loyola University Chicago

Anita Morzillo, $253,054, Attitudes Toward Black Bears and their Management in CT, DOI/US Fish and Wildlife Service/CT Dept of Energy and Eniv.Protection

Nutritional Sciences:

Christopher Blesso, $17,057, Anti-inflammatory and Hypolipidemic Effects of Egg Sphingomyelin for the Prevention of AtherosclerosisL A pilot study, American Egg Board


Paulo Verardi, $413,291, Rapid Development of Replication-controlled Vaccinia Virus Vectors for Vaccines and Therapeutics with Single or Double Safety Features, DHHS/NIH

Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Joan E. Allen, $21,000, Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network, USDA/Dept of Agriculture

Donna R. Ellis, $6,586, Forest Pest Outreach, USDA/APHIS/CT AG Experiment Station

Jason Henderson, $78,323, Organic Turf and No-Pesticide Turf Demonstration Project, CT Dept of Energy and Envir.Protection



How to Join a Multistate Project

Instructions to join a Multistate Project   - Link to directions for viewing project proposals and for creating an Appendix E to authorize participation by your scientist(s) /specialist(s) in the above proposed projects. 

New NIMSS database users manual