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Dennis D'Amico
My primary research and outreach efforts focus on improving the safety and quality of cheese. For more than a decade I have worked extensively with small to very-small producers on product development, process control, environmental monitoring, and the development and implementation of food safety management systems. I develop, support and deliver workshops to provide dairy manufacturers and professionals with technical and scientific knowledge necessary to assure the consistent production and sale of safe, high quality cheese and dairy products. My research examines the presence, ecology, and diversity of Listeria spp. in small to very-small dairy processing facilities, the prevalence of pathogenic bacteria in raw milk destined for cheesemaking and microbial behavior during the manufacture and aging of various cheese varieties. Current projects seek to identify natural interventions and preventive controls for traditional dairy foods and the validation of traditional processes.

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Allied Health Sciences
Animal Sciences
Agricultural & Resource Economics
Natural Resources and the Environment
Nutritional Sciences
Plant Science and Landscape Architecture
Pathobiology and Veterinary Sciences

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