Spring 2020 Academic Policies

On this page, you will find links to information that relates specifically to the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources during the Spring 2020 semester. For information on the university’s response to COVID-19, please continue to read the UConn Official Announcements Coronavirus Daily Updates and check UConn’s main coronavirus information page.

Until further notice, most CAHNR faculty and staff are working from home in accordance with State and University directives for managing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The best way to reach all members of CAHNR at this time is by email.


CAHNR/RHSA Pass/Fail Guidance: Spring 2020

Following UConn Senate guidelines (available on the UConn Covid-19 website), the majority of CAHNR Departments accepted a pass/fail (P/F) grading system for course requirements of their major/minors taken during the Spring 2020 semester. RHSA majors also accepted a pass/fail grading system for major requirements taken in Spring 2020.

CAHNR/RHSA Majors who accepted Pass/Fail grades for major requirements

CAHNR: Agricultural and Natural Resources • Allied Health Science • Applied and Resource Economics • Animal Science • Environmental Science • Environmental Studies • Exercise Science • Landscape Architecture • Natural Resources and the Environment • Nutritional Sciences • Sustainable Plant and Soil Systems • Pathobiology

 RHSA: Animal Science • Plant Science • Urban Forestry and Arboriculture

CAHNR Majors with Exceptions to the college-wide Pass/Fail Policy (i.e. did not accept P/F grade for the following majors & courses)

Dietetics:  DIET 3215 taken P/F will not count toward DIET major requirements

Medical Laboratory Sciences: The following Courses taken P/F will not count toward MLS major requirements: AH 4241 • AH 2001 • DGS 4234§ • DGS 4235 • MLS 3301 • MLS 3333 • MLS 4302 • MLS 4312 • MLS 4322 • MLS 4342 • MLS 4352 • MLS 4372 • MLS 4500

 Diagnostic Genetic Sciences: The following courses taken Pass/Fail will not count toward the MLS major requirements: DGS 4224 • DGS 4234 • DGS 4235 • DGS 4236 • DGS 4246 • DGS 4402 • DGS 4512 • DGS 4513 • DGS 4604 • DGS 4810 • DGS 4820 • DGS 4830 • DGS 4850 • DGS 4997 • MLS 4500

CAHNR Minors who accepted Pass/Fail grades for minor requirements

Agricultural Biotechnology • Animal Science • Business Management and Marketing • Dairy Management • Environmental Economics and Policy Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian • Environmental Studies* • Equine Business Management • Food Science • Global Environmental Change • Integrated Pest Management • Nutrition for Exercise and Sport • Ornamental Horticulture • Sustainable Environmental Systems* • Sustainable Food Crop Production • Sustainable Community Food Systems* • Therapeutic Horsemanship Education • Turfgrass Management • Wildlife Conservation

NOTE: *minors are offered jointly with CLAS and CAHNR

Spring 2020 Q&A

What did it mean to put courses on pass/fail?

If a course was placed on pass/fail, students still completed the course and it was graded in the usual way by the instructor, and the instructor submitted a letter grade. On a students' transcript, this letter grade was then translated into a “P” (“D-” or above) or remained an “F”. A course taken on Pass/Fail was not included in the computation of the Spring 2020 semester or cumulative GPA, but a grade below “C” made the student ineligible for the Dean’s List.

What dic it mean to withdraw from a course?

If a student withdrew from a course, they did not complete the course and a “W” was recorded as the grade on the transcript. The student did not earn a grade and no credits for the course, and the course had no impact on the semester or cumulative GPA.

Could students put all spring 2020 courses on Pass/Fail?

Yes.  There was no limit on the number of classes a student can place on Pass/Fail in the spring 2020 semester though students should pay attention to major/minor information as there are some exceptions across the college and UConn.

I am a RHSA student, can I transfer P/F courses to a Baccalaureate program?

RHSA courses that typically are allowed to transfer to the Baccalaureate program, will be allowed to transfer with a pass grade if the Pass/Fail grading system for that course is elected by the student for Spring 2020 semester.