Poster Program

Poster Presentations  – Wednesday, April 14, 9:30-11:30
Poster # Agriculture and the Environment Poster # Health 
1 Jodie Allen, ANSC, “Trans-cinnamaldehyde nanoemulsion dip treatments rapidly inactivate Salmonella Enteritidis on eggs” 11 Nidhi Amonkar, KINS, “Creative Movement Therapy interention in children with ASD”
2 Alexandra Bettencourt, ANSC, “Effects of Poor Maternal Nutrition During Gestation on Colostrum and Milk Quality in Sheep” 12 Curtis Antrum, AHS, “Devloping an audit tool for food swamp environments: The FS-EAT Tool”
3 David H. Chung, PVS, “Transmission dynamics of H2N2 avian influenza virus in the United States” 13 Alexandrya Cairns, KINS, “A parental perspective of the work-life interface of college athletic trainers: A descriptive qualitative design”
4 Mairui Gao, ANSC, “Controlling Listeria monocytogenes on apples using lactic acid bacteria under simulated storage conditions” 14 Shiqi Chen, KINS, “Evaluation of mobile exercise prescription applications for adults with cardiovascular risk factors”
5 Junwon Kim, PVS, “A practical guide to genome assembly of pathogens on a laptop” 15 Christina Day, KINS, “Evaluating the methodological quality of postexercise hypotension aerobic exercise interventions”
6 Nicole Moody, ANSC, “Physiological Effects of a Stepwise Reconditioning Program in Polo Ponies” 16 Rachel Hildrey, AHS, “Pediatric Adapted Liking Survey (PALS) with Tailored Health Messages: Application to Schools and Aligned with the School Meals”
7 Brandon I. Smith, ANSC, “Maternal nutrient restriction and re-alimentation influences liver and muscle tissue development and gene expression” 17 Dalia Marmash, NUSC, “The Associations between Diet Quality, Nutrient Adequacy, and Health Status in Mobile Food Pantry Users in Northeastern Connecticut”
8 Lang Sun, ANSC, “Application of a Natural Bioactive Glycolipid to Control Listeria monocytogenes Biofilms and As Post-Lethality Contaminants in Milk” 18 Bai Qu, NUSC, “Caseinate-Laponite Nanocomposites as Potential Nutrient Delivery Vehicles”
9 Jacob Cabral, NRE, “Stakeholder networks for managing multiple forest stressors” 19 Julia Desiato, PVS, “Evolution and spread of Raccoon variant Rabies virus in Connecticut”
10 Emlyn Crocker, NRE, “Stakeholder Knowledge Transfer for Roadside Forest Stressors”