Schedule of Presentations

2021 CAHNR Graduate Student Research Forum
Tuesday, April 13
 Oral Presentation Schedule
Breakout room 1 – Health and Economics Breakout room 2 – Agriculture and the Environment
10:00 Lauren Corso, AHS, “Uric Acid as a Predictor of Weight Gain and Cardiometabolic Health in the Study of Novel Approached to Weight Gain Prevention (SNAP) Study” Rose Lu, ANSC, “Natural approaches to controlling Salmonella on Alfalfa Seeds and Sprouts”
10:15 Erica Filep, KINS, “Effects of Forearm Cooling on Thermal Responses During Intermittent Exercise in the Heat” Ankit Singh, NRE, “Performance study of GREENBOX technology; a more resourceful avenue of crop production”
10:30 Colleen B. Mistler, AHS, “The Impact of COVID-19 on Access to HIV Prevention Services among Opioid-Dependent Individuals” Cora McGehee, PSLA, “Tracing bacterial and oomycete communities in lettuce greenhouse production”
10:45 Ahram Ahr, KINS, “Physical Inactivity-induced Endothelial Dysfunction: The Role of Toll-Like Receptor 4” Arlind Mara, PVS, “Protein-induced Th17 Responses Mediate Mycoplasma pneumoniae Vaccine Enhanced Disease in a Murine Model”
11:00 Hyungryun Jang, NUSC, “Sugar kelp consumption inhibits adipose tissue inflammation and fibrosis in diet-induced obesity mice” Nicole Tillquist, ANSC,“Poor nutrition during gestation impacts sheep offspring weight but not feed efficiency”
11:15 Gabriel Marmolejos, ARE, “An Eye to the Future: Strategic Choices in Stated Preference Surveys Derived from Vote Certainty in Rural Coastal Virginia” Jingyi Xue, NUSC, “Delopment of novel biopolymer-based dendritic nanocomplexes for encapsulation of phenolic bioactive compounds”
11:30 Saurav Ranjitkar, ANSC, “Plant derived antimicrobials have similar cytotoxic effects on cancerous and non-cancerous cells” Pan Zhang, PSLA, “Exploring Spatially Adjustive Modelling in Park Disparities under Different Park Access Measures in Hartford, CT”
11:45 Lauren Sheldon, KINS, “Current Barriers and Facilitators of Warm-Up Practices in Secondary Schools” Brindhalakshim Balasubramanian, ANSC, “Antibiofilm efficacy of eugenol nanoemulsion against Listeria monocytogenes”
12:00  Laura Mangone, KINS, “Vascular Dysfunction in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): The Role of Mitochondrial‐derived Oxidative Stress” Rahul Singh, PSLA, “Development and evaluation of less mowing requiring perennial ryegrass, and molecular understanding of high turfgrass density”