Faculty & Staff Monthly Newsletter

March 4, 2024

College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Dean, Indrajeet Chaubey

Dear Colleagues,

Last Friday, March 1, was national Employee Appreciation Day, and it reminds me of a quote from American author, William Arthur Ward: "Feeling gratitude, and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it." This quote is as relevant at work as it is in our personal lives. It is important to communicate to our colleagues that we see their efforts and value their contributions to our College's mission. For my part, I sincerely hope that everyone in CAHNR feels recognized, appreciated, and valued in their roles. We'll have the occasion later this month to formally recognize students, faculty, staff, alumni, and volunteers at the College's annual Awards and Honors event. In the meantime, let's all try to tell at least one colleague we appreciate them today - make sure that your "gift" has the opportunity to be received.

As always, thanks for all you do.


Indrajeet Chaubey
Dean and Director


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Featured Story of the Month

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Sustainable Landscapes

Japan’s Flower of the Year Has UConn Roots

The compact butterfly bush called Pugster Amethyst is based on plants first developed in the lab of UConn horticulture professor Mark Brand

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CAHNR Impacts 2023

CAHNR Impacts magazine cover

CAHNR makes an impact each and every year. Now we have a new annual magazine to highlight some of the phenomenal work being done within our College's research enterprise, academic programs, and Extension activities.

Take a peek at CAHNR Impacts 2023.

Welcome to New Colleagues

Michael Fitzcordoba, CAHNR Business Office, Financial Assistant 1



CAHNR Trivia - Department Names of Yore

CAHNR departments have had some interesting names throughout the decades! Which of the following was NOT a name previously used by a CAHNR department?

Head to the bottom of the newsletter for the answer!

  • Department of Animal Diseases
  • Department of Sport and Leisure Studies
  • Department of Food and Technology Science
  • Department of Plant Industries

Strategic Vision Implementation Update

Registration for the One Health Conference is quickly reaching capacity. See full agenda and register before we activate the waitlist.

Congrats to the SVIC-funded projects for spring 2024. Visit the SVIC site for the full list of funded projects and more information about SVICs.


Save the Date


  • March 7: CAHNR Budget Town Hall
  • March 18: CAHNR SVIC Town Hall
  • March 27: CAHNR Awards & Honors
  • April 20: Graduate Research Forum
  • May 4: CAHNR Undergraduate Commencement
  • May 6: Graduate School Commencements
  • May 8: CAHNR Faculty and Staff Meeting

Update from the Business Office

Why did the sun skip college? It already has a million degrees.

There's more fun in this month's edition of the CAHNR Business Office newsletter. Each month, the team in CAHNR’s Business Office will update the CAHNR community on deadlines, policies, procedures, staffing changes, and all kinds of other useful information. Visit the CAHNR Business Office site for more.


Playing in the snow!

One Ton Sundae
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CAHNR Trivia - Department Names of Yore Answers

CAHNR departments have had some interesting names throughout the decades! Which of the following was NOT a name previously used by a CAHNR department?

  • Department of Animal Diseases - The Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Science used this name. Dates of use unclear.
  • Department of Sport and Leisure Studies - The name used by the Department of Kinesiology into the 1980s.
  • Department of Food and Technology Science - CAHNR has never had a department with this name.
  • Department of Plant Industries - In 1945, The departments of Agronomy, Horticulture, and Forestry and Wildlife Management were combined into one department called the Department of Plant Industries.