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Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty and staff are essential to the success of the college and our students. Below are links to resources, tools and services for faculty and staff.

Resources, tools, and services

Fac/Staff Workshop: Mental Health and Wellness - Covid-19 Edition (January 13, 2021:Video Recording)

CAHNR Associate Dean - Instructor Message January 12, 2021

CAHNR Town Hall: December 11, 2020


Academic Programs

The Office of Academic Programs povides advising and other academic services to CAHNR students, staff, and faculty.

CAHNR Business Office

The Business Offices provides fiscal and administrative services for the college.

CAHNR Communications

The Office of Communication supports CAHNR faculty, staff, and  students in presenting and promoting their work.

CAHNR Strategic Vision

The CAHNR Strategic Vision guides the college administration, faculty, and staff in carrying out its mission

CAHNR Intranet

The CAHNR intranet houses guidelines and procedures for use by CAHNR faculty and staff.

UConn Policies and Proccedures

University policies and procedures govern the activities of the University community

Provost’s Office

The Provost's Office provides faculty resources for:

  • Faculty consulting
  • Leave of absence (sabbatical leaves)
  • Promotion, tenure, and reappointment (PTR)
  • New faculty orientation

Syllabus resources for Spring 2021

Provost's Office website

Faculty and Staff Resource Guide


Office of the Vice President for Research provide information and support for:

  • Sponsored program services
  • Research integrity and compliance
  • Cross campus collaboration

Office of the Vice President for Research website

Dean’s Town Halls

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office provides information on:

  • Classrooms
  • Courses
  • Exams
  • Grades
  • Permission numbers
  • Registrar’s reports
  • Wait lists
  • Dates/deadlines
  • On-line forms
  • Undergraduate catalog changes

Registrar's Office website

Academic IT

UConn tools for teaching, learning, and research

  • Classroom technology
  • Survey tools and assessments
  • Recording technologies
  • Software and mobile apps
  • Collaboration/virtual Meetings

Academic IT website

Student Support Services


Facilities Operations

Facilities Operations offers a wide array of services

  • Submitting a facilities work order request
  • Equipment form
  • Transportation Services
  • Locksmith
  • Landscaping
  • Housekeeping

Facilities Operations website

Spring 2020 Academic Support Information

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