Amy Harder

Associate Dean for Extension

Before coming to UConn, Harder served as a professor within the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication at the University of Florida and director of the Program Development and Evaluation Center. She holds a Ph.D. in agricultural education and communication from Texas A&M University.

Research Interests
Identification and Development of Competencies for Extension Professionals | Job Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction of Extension Professionals | Assessment of Organizational Needs and Priorities for Cooperative Extension

ORCID: 0000-0002-7042-2028

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Selected Research:

Harder, A., Craig, D., Israel, G., Benge, M., & Caillouet, O. (2023). Exploring the possibilities of a standardized questionnaire for assessing residents’ needs. The Journal of Extension, 61(2), Article 1.

Caillouet, O., Harder, A., Bunch, J. C., Roberts, T. G., & Radunovich, H. (2022). Transactional factors influencing the implementation of intercollegiate Extension programs at U.S. land-grant universities. Advancements in Agricultural Development3(3), 63-76.

Ellison, S., & Harder, A. (2022). Contributing or clocking in: A study of work engagement. The Journal of Extension60(3), Article 3.

Narine, L., & Harder, A. (2021). Comparing the Borich model with the ranked discrepancy model for competency assessment: A novel approach. Advancements in Agricultural Development, 2(3), 96-111.

Harder, A., Narine, L. K., Benge, M., Denny, M. D., & Farner, K. (2021). Exploring early career extension agents’ perceptions of their mentors, best liked co-workers, and organizational commitment. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 9(2), 80-95.

Selected Honors and Awards:

2023     Senior Fellow, Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education

2021     Distinguished Researcher Award, American Association for Agricultural Education

2019     Outstanding Leadership Award, Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education

2019     Outstanding Service Award, Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education

2017     Distinguished Extension Educator, American Association for Agricultural Education

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Contact Information
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