Faculty Spotlight

Dennis D'Amico
My primary research and outreach efforts focus on improving the safety and quality of cheese. For more than a decade I have worked extensively with small to very-small producers on product continue…

Faculty Research

Enthusiastic by nature, Gerry Berkowitz, professor in the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture, is bursting with even more excitement than usual about his latest area of research and teaching. continue…

Student Research

Research conducted alongside faculty is a significant part of the graduate student experience. CAHNR supports student research in the broad field of agricultural sciences, forestry and human and animal health.

CAHNR Impacts

Research achievements and outcomes addressing food security, food safety, natural resources, nutrition, human health, and the environment.

International Research

In Cuba with Biostatistician Tania Huedo-Medina

Cuba has had extraordinary success in communicating important health messages around preventing things like HIV, obesity, and addiction to its citizens, but ...


Meet graduate student Jude Ssenyonjo

May 23, 2018

For nearly two decades, Jude Ssenyonjo has been engaged in public health efforts and community relations. He spent much of this time in his native Uganda, working to reduce sexually transmitted and HIV infections in the country through educational and outreach programs. Ssenyonjo is currently a Ph.D. student in allied health sciences studying health promotion […]