Tolland County

The Tolland County office is located in Vernon. Several of our programs have offices in Vernon, including 4-H, and the Master Gardener Program. Soil test kits are available through the Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory located on the Storrs Campus. Please note that soil test kits are not processed or mailed through UConn Extension. The following statewide programs have offices in Tolland County: agricultural risk and management, food safety, new farms and farmers, sustainable food systems, and vegetable crops Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 

Tolland county office

24 Hyde Avenue

Vernon, CT, 06066

(860) 875-3331

List of People
Oak LeafJoseph BonelliAgricultural Economics Associate Extension Educator Emeritus
Oak LeafVicki DeLeoMaster Gardener Coordinator, Tolland County
Maryann Fusco-RollinsAssistant Extension Educator - 4-H Youth
Shuresh GhimireShuresh GhimireVegetable Assistant Extension Educator
Srikanth KodatiSrikanth KodatiPesticide Safety Education & Crop Protection Extension Educator
Oak LeafLauren ManuckAdministrative Program Assistant I
Jiff MartinSustainable Food Systems Extension Educator
Frances Pacyna ChampagneAdministrative Program Assistant 1
Shannon Raider Extension staff profile photoShannon RaiderResearch Asst II - Program Coordinator for Put Local on your Tray
Becca Toms Extension staff profile photoBecca TomsFood Systems Communications & Outreach Assistant
Indu UpadhyayaFood Safety Assistant Extension Educator