Windham County

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Windham County

The Windham County office is located in Brookly. Several of our programs have offices in Brooklyn, including 4-H, the Master Gardener Program, and the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. Soil test kits are available at the Windham County office. The statewide livestock education program has an office in Windham County. 

Windham county office

139 Wolf Den Road

Brooklyn, CT, 06234-1729

(860) 774-9600

List of People
Oak LeafMarc CournoyerEducational Program Coordinator - 4-H Youth
Joe EmenheiserJoe EmenheiserAssistant Extension Educator - Diversified Livestock
Oak LeafJohn LoRussoMaster Gardener Coordinator - Windham County
Oak LeafSharon NarotskySecretary
Dianisi TorresDianisi TorresEducational Program Assistant - Nutrition