Storrs Office

The administrative offices for UConn Extension are located on the UConn Storrs campus. Several of our programs also have offices in Storrs, including the state 4-H office, People Empowering People, and Center for Learning In Retirement. Service centers located at the Storrs campus include the Plant Diagnostic Laboratory, the Turfgrass Diagnostic Laboratory, the Home and Garden Education Center, the Connecticut Institute of Water Resources, and the Soil Testing Laboratory.

WB Young Building

1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4134

WB Young Building, Room 233

Storrs, CT, 06269-4134

(860) 486-3581

List of People
Smiling womanAmy HarderAssociate Dean and Associate Director for Extension
Bonnie Burr, Department Head of ExtensionBonnie BurrDepartment Head and Assistant Director
Dan CarvalheiroDan CarvalheiroData Analyst
Fanny Hernandez profile picFanny HernandezEvaluation Specialist
Stacey LackmanStacey LackmanAdministrative Assistant - Associate Dean's Office
Josh MindekJoshua MindekCAHNR Computer Support Technician
Oak LeafAmber GuillemetteAdministrative Program Support - Department Head
Stacey StearnsStacey StearnsExtension Communications Specialist
Nancy WilhelmState 4-H Program Coordinator